Training: Understanding the Business of Palm Oil in Nigeria

Training: Understanding the Business of Palm Oil in Nigeria

Since 2015 

A lot of you have read our information and shown quite a lot of appreciation about what we do at The Palm Permutations.

Also, quite a large number of you have reached out ti us and requested for training in the areas of the business of palm oil.

Because of this, we launched our first training in 2017, where we had over 100 people trainned on the Palmoil production and other ares of theoil palm business.

Sadily for a while we had not had the chance to run these training, til early 2020, when we decided to go back to doing the training, then Covid hit.

This significantly halted our plans for the training which would have provided answers to questions like

  1. How to running a Palm Plantation?
  2. Cost of get started?
  3. Where to source Palm Seeds?
  4. How many seeds per plot?
  5. What kind of spacing is adequate?
  6. How long is their growth period?
  7. What type of growth agents(fertilizers) are required?
  8. General maintainable during grow period?
  9. How often is the palm fruit harvested.?
  10. What is used for harvesting?
  11. How many bunches can a tree produce?
  12. How many seeds in one bunch?
  13. How much palm oil can you get from one bunch?
  14. Whats the milling process?
  15. What type of machines do you use for milling?
  16. How do you use a local press?
  17. Are there better milling machines?
  18. How much oil can you mill a day?
  19. How many bunches gets one drum of oil?
  20. How much to sell Milled Palm oil?
  21. What is done with the chaff and palm kernel?

The training would have cost over 200,000 with training materials, logistics and accommodation for each training factored in.

But as the Covid crisis hit, we decided to find a way to provide the trainign and still offer value but at a reduced cost.

Thus why we launched our online course

The Business of Palm Oil in Nigeria-Training

Our online training will cover some parts of the above list questions and more.

We plan to provide you a training that covers starting up and making it a business that’s profitable

By providing you the details you need to setup a plantion, to running the plantation, to buyers you can supply to.

Want you to be featured as a buyer or seller on the our website

If you like to be featured on this page or on the website as a buyer or seller, then pleasure follow the link to provide your detail on products you sell or buy and your location

Palm product producers and buyers details

We will launch the new post with your details on the 10th of April 2022

We will let you all know once its active

Training: Understanding the Business of Palm Oil in Nigeria

Feel free to ask me any questions

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