Palm Oil Profits: Making Millions from Palm oil industry​

Palm Oil Profits: Making Millions from Palm oil industry

Since 2015 

A lot of you have read our information and shown quite a lot of appreciation about what we do at The Palm Permutations.

Also, quite a large number of you have reached out to us and requested for training/material for the business of palm oil.

We launched our first training in 2017, where we had over 100 people trained on the Palm oil production and other areas of the oil palm business.

Sadly for a while we had not had the chance to run these training, till early 2020, when we decided to go back to doing the training, then Covid hit.

Now we are please to announce that we will be lunching our training soon

As a precursor to the training, we have launched our reveal all guide called

“Palm Oil Profits: Making Millions from Palm oil industry​”

The guide is our most comprehensive research that shows the breakdown from planting to profits.

It shows what you need to put in and how much you can expect to get out over a yearly basis.



    A. Harvest break down

    1. How much oil palm yield can we get per hectare?(oil per bunch break down)
    2. How much oil palm yield can you get per bunch per hectare?
    3. How much oil palm products do I need to make 50 million a year returns?
    4. How many palm trees do we need to achieve this?

    B. Planting breakdown

    1. What type of seedlings do you need?
    2. How many seeds do we need to plant?
    3. What’s the cost of these seeds
    4. What’s the cost of planting the seeds(nursery or grow your own)

    C. Resources breakdown

    1. How much water do they require per hectare
    2. Type of fertilizer required?
    3. How much fertilizer do you require per year
    4. Cost of Plantation

    D. Labour breakdown

    1. What’s the cost of maintaining the trees?
    2. What’s the cost of planting?
    3. What is the cost of preparing a hectare
    4. Cost of labour Nursery to harvest

    E. Equipment Breakdown 

    1. What are the tools you will need? (cost included)
    2. What are the equipment you will need? (cost included)

    F. Palm Oil Milling

    1. Milling Process 
    2. Planning your milling machines
    3. Capacity of machine required to mill
    4. Number of people required to mill
    5. Basic tools of the trade for Milling
    6. Managing cost of production

    G. Selling your oil

    1. How to plan your logistics of sale
    2. List of buyers to start with
    3. How to engage 

As you can see, the guide is quite packed.

You can access for a fee in two ways.

  1. Just the guide 
  2. The guide and a consultation section with Brian to help break things down further.

To find out more about the guide or the guide and consultation section (Cost, price and duration) click the button below to get direct to whatsapp.

Want you to be featured as a buyer or seller on the our website

If you like to be featured on this page or on the website as a buyer or seller, then pleasure follow the link to provide your detail on products you sell or buy and your location

Palm product producers and buyers details

We will launch the new post with your details on the 10th of April 2022

We will let you all know once its active

Palm Oil Profits: Making Millions from Palm oil industry​

Feel free to ask me any questions

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