Training palm oil processing and production in Nigeria

Palm Oil Processing Production and Processing

We are the Palm Permutations are proud to announce our

Three Day Training on Palm Oil Production and Processing


Keep reading for an important update regarding this training

The training is for you who always wanted to go into palm oil production and processing. From the plantations all the way down to the milling process.

This is not a class room training session, see it more as a field live action session with key players who run and manager their own Plantations and Mills.

A word of caution to ye of faint heart

Get prepared to get Dirty

What will the training cover?

Day 1 : Palm Plantations

Part 1.

Introduction to running a Palm Plantation

Cost to get started.

Where to source the best Palm Seeds.

How many seeds per plot

What kind of spacing is adequate


Part 2

How long is their growth period

What type of growth agents(fertilizers) are required.

General maintainable during grow period


How often is the palm fruit harvested.

What is used for harvesting

Close of section

Day 2: Visit to Palm Oil Mills.

Part 1: Palm Oil Processing ( Time Duration: depending on milling process)

Where to get Fresh Fruit Bunches

Removing the fruits from the bunch

Milling Process

Break to observe

Part 1 ( Time Duration: depending on milling process)

a. Boiling:

What is used for boiling

How long is it boiled

When is it ready

Break to observe

Part 2 ( Time Duration: depending on milling process)

a. Press

Using a local press

Using screw press and digester

Labour cost

How many bunches gets one drum of oil

How much to sell Milled Palm oil

What is done with the chaff and palm kernel

Day 3: Review

A general review of the two days period

Side Attraction 

* Ability to meet with experts on the field.

* Seeing for yourself how bunch is been extract.

* See and practice with the machines by yourself.

* Getting to know and see the machines that makes your work easier and faster self practical.

* Getting to know and see the machine that gives you almost 2times normal profit.


* To be able to make almost twice profit.

* To get a better idea of how to keep your nut after oil extract.

* Knowing how to keep your nut for more than a year without it getting spoilt.

* To be able to ask numerous and difficult questions.

* To learn Lots of skills and profit that only the training can provide.


* The only disadvantage is your inability to make it.

Where will the training be holding?

Location: Ife, Osun State.

Time: 17th-19th February 2020

How much will it Cost?

N120,000 (Inclusive of Meals and Logding.)

Important Update

Because of the covid 19 pandemic we now offer this some aspects of this training online and at a reduced cost

Please reach out to the Coordinator below for details regarding the online training.

For Booking and Reservations

Contact the Coordinator



See what people are saying

i am interested to do this bussiness.

~ Dafe

Great day to u sir, I thank God for ur life. Pls I need to b mentored on this pls.

~ Pst Osato

please how would I go about it.thanks.

~ J. Bolarinwa

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Training palm oil processing and production in Nigeria

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  1. How many times in a year does the training hold? And when is the next one coming up for those that can not afford it now?

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