The Business of Red Oil



We were once the largest producers of Palm produces in the world, till Malaysia humbled us with seeds our own seeds, to become the largest produce. Now we are gradually getting back to our rightful place.

The palm tree provides in a lot of ways, in fact it’s one of those gifts that just keep on giving.

It will surprise you the amount of useable material you can get from just one palm tree.


The leaves are used to make brooms and for roofing materials (in the rural areas).

The bark of the fond can be peeled and woven into baskets, the main trunk can be split like sawn timbers and used as part of building materials, while palm wine can also be obtained from the palm tree, as well as red palm oil, which is readily obtainable from the fresh fruit bunches.

Each in itself a viable business opportunity you can key into, with just the right information. (That’s what we are here to do.)


Our Focus today, Palm oil or Red oil to some of us, and Gbanga to the rest of us foodies.


You see it in when you go to the market, Blood red, thick and rich in a bottle. But whats the story behind it, how did it get to where it is. What journey did it take to get to the market?


Here in lies the story of the Business of Red oil.


End of Part One   –    Part Two




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The Business of Red Oil

11 thoughts on “The Business of Red Oil

  1. I really appreciate the good work you are doing. May i know if i can be supplying palm oil from the east to you or any company that needs the product please. I don’t have any job and the economy is hard. Thanks.

    1. Yes you can precious, but first off you need to know what businesses you will be supplying to. Aside from me there are other businesses that will need your services.

      First locate them and find out that their purchase prices are. The more businesses you find the better. This will validate your need to supply and help you in planning each supply and their logistics.

      In all always remember, market from before business.

  2. Hello, thanks for sharing all that you have shared. May your pockets never run dry. I was researching the internet about palm oil business when i came across your article. I am interesting in the palm oil business. I have a place i can get the palm oil in large quantities . i will appreciate if you can help me with a list of companies i can supply to. My email is and should there be any company who needs Palm oil. Pls do contact me on my email. Best Regards.

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