The Business Of Palm Kernel In Nigeria

Remember those fun time while you were growing up when you did this as a child.

Palm kernel kids

Back then you would spend a lot of time with friends and family back home, picking, cracking an eating the Palm Kernel nuts.

In fact, till this day, you still find a lot of it at you village home just seating there and wasting away.

I don’t blame you, as you could not have know the value of what you were letting go to waste, you never realised that these Palm Kernel nuts could be your access to financial freedom

The business of palm Kernel Nut supply is one that brings in Millions of naira daily for people who have access to it.

Last year Nigeria produced over 1.6 million metric tons of Palm Kernel nuts

This Kernel was sourced and supplied by local farmers across Nigeria at the rate of ₦170,000 – ₦180,0000 per ton(1000kg).

They in turn sold it t to companies and Mills at ₦215,000 per ton, netting them hung profits in return

These companies request as much as 5 to 10tons per day

Now do you want to still keep putting it in your month, or, would you rather make money from it.


If you like to be featured on this page or on the website as a buyer or seller, then please follow the link to provide your detail on products you sell or buy and your location

Palm product producers and buyers details

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Why is there a high demand for palm Kernel nuts.

A little secret, its not palm kernel nuts that are in high demand

It’s the Palm kernel oil produced from the nuts that’s in high demand.

But to access the oil, you need large quantites of palm Kernel nuts(tons) to get the oil.

As companies can not get access to the oil directly from farmers, they rely on Mills to product the oil and the mills in turn rely on the local village markets and farmers to supply them the oil.

This has in turn created a multi market situation that profits all parties involved.

What this means is, without the farmers to supply the nuts, the mills can not provide companies with the oil the desperately need to produce their products


What exactly are these products

Let me ask you?

What do you think all the products listed below have in common?

  • Soap
  • Body lotion
  • Lip stick
  • Margarine
  • Cooking oil
  • Brake pads
  • Pastries (meat pie, bread, etc)

Aside the fact that you use them daily.

They all require palm Kernel Oil to be produced.

The oil is used as a bonding agent, a thickener, or the key ingredient in their production process

Due to its importance, the price per ton for palm Kernel nuts has steadily raisen over the the years.

Price of Palm Kernel in Nigeria 2016 -2021

Palm Kernel Nut Price

The opportunity for you

As I said earlier, many of you still have tons of palm Kernel nuts just laying around at home or in your village.

Kernel that for years, no one has considered doing anything about.

Now what if knowing what you know now you decide to get started in the business of palm Kernel nuts supply.

What would it take you to get started?


What you need to get started

First you would need to get access to a lot of the kernel nut


Once you have that you would need to crack and prepare the kernel for supply


Finally you would to reach out to the mills who buy the Palm Kernel nuts, fortunately


There are quite a lot of them scattered around the country


Still, if you require training on how to get started


We can provide you with what you need to begin


Follow the link below to find out about our training

Training details


If you have already started and need access to milling and companies that buy palm Kernel nuts around Nigeria


Follow the link below to get access to more buyers

Palm kernel nut buyers in Nigeria


There is a great business opportunity just seating down in your families backyard at your village home.

Why not consider going back or placing a call to have it arranged for you.

The Business Of Palm Kernel In Nigeria

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  1. Good sir,
    Thank you for the great information given. You are a blessing.
    Apart from land acquisition,can i know the range of fund needed to buy a foreign palm oil production machine and other information needed.

  2. Gud day Mr dapo,pls I need information on the amount, during d off peak period that I can sale my red oil,between august, September, October

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