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The Business of Red Oil – Part 2

THE BUSINESS OF RED OIL – PART 2 Used in making great soups like, Equsi, Ogbonu, and in its raw form Gbanga. Red oil starts its journey to your plate (and to your stomach) from a humble gathering of palm fruit bunch planted, grown, harvested and milled in palm plantation ’That simple’. I am usually […]

6 Nigerian Companies that buy palm Kernel Nut and Oil

6 Nigeria compaines that buy palm kernel nut and oil – 2023 update Let me share a big question that I get asked constantly. “Where can i find companies that buy palm kernel nut and palm oil in Nigeria?” In the world of Palm produce supply market, Nigeria is the 5th biggest suppliers of Palm products, at […]

13 Fabricators of Palm Oil Milling Machine in Nigeria

13 FABRICATOR OF PALM OIL MACHINES IN NIGERIA Long ago, there weren’t many fabricators of Palm Oil Milling Machine in Nigeria, the process of palm oil and kernel oil extractions has was a slow and tedious process. Although some millers still hang on to the old tedious ways, there are now tools and machines available […]

Palm Oil Business: What other products can you get from a Palm Tree

PALM OIL BUSINESS: WHAT OTHER PRODUCT CAN YOU GET FROM A PALM TREE Yes yes we all love our native soup that comes from a Oil Palm Tree, Banga Soup.   That rich smooth texture that goes well with fresh fish, goat meat and fufu, that only a mix of palm oil and palm kernel […]

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