Palm Oil Business: What other products can you get from a Palm Tree


Yes yes we all love our native soup that comes from a Oil Palm Tree, Banga Soup.   That rich smooth texture that goes well with fresh fish, goat meat and fufu, that only a mix of palm oil and palm kernel oil can give.   Have you ever taken the time to ask. What else can we get from a Oil Palm Tree? Where will they be used?  

What else can we get from a Palm Tree

I notice that when i ask people here in Nigeria, what other products they can get from a palm tree, aside from Palm Oil and Palm Kernel oil. Their usual answer is the shell or chaff, thats if they have a market for it.   While others will say “nothing else”. Truth is, there is much more you can get from a palm tree, even from the Palm oil and Palm kernel oil you already have. These range from  

Crude Palm Oil (CPO)

Crude Palm Oil is an oil that ranging from Blood red to Reddish yellow in color, its gotten from the pressed pulp of a palm oil fruit bunch. Here in Nigeria its usually used for cooking soups and stews, while also holding color well in Lip sticks.  

Crude Palm Kernel Oil (CPKO)

Crude Palm Kernel Oil is a light yellow oil that comes from crushed and pressed Palm Kernel, the color comes about because of the Lauric acid it contains. It has a wide range of uses when refined, from keeping chocolate solid at room temperate to frying pastries.  

Refined Palm Oil (RPO)

Refined Palm Oil is an oil that comes from the process of Refining, Bleaching and Deodorizing Crude Palm Oil (CPO). Due to its refinement and low fatty Acid of O.5% it can be used as cooking oil.  

Refined Palm Kernel Oil (RPKO)

This Refined Palm Kernel Oil comes about by processing, refining , bleaching and Deodorizing Crude Palm Kernel Oil. Also used for cooking oil as well.   Palm Olein (PKOO) Palm Kernel Olein is RBD Vegetable Oil, Its Palm Kernel oil that has been fully Refined, Bleached and Deodorized.Because of its high melting point and steep melting profile, you will always see it used for Ice cream.  

Palm Stearin

Palm Stearin is a solid whitish crystaline substance obtained from the fractionation of Refined Bleached and Deodorized Palm Oil. It is mainly used by the food industry, particularly for mixing flour for making pastries like biscuits, dough for pizza or snacks.  

Palm Fatty Acid Distillate  (PFAD)

Palm Fatty Acid Distillate is a high free fatty acid that is mainly used by cosmetics and soap industries. PFAD is obtained as a by-product of the refining process.  

Empty Fruit Bunches (EFB)

The Empty Fruit Bunches usually come about after the Palm Oil Fruits have been separated from the bunch. After separation, they are usually wet. When dried they can be used as a source of fuel at the or returned back to the plantation as decaying fertilizer for the palm trees.  

Palm Fibres and Palm Kernel Shells

Palm Fibres are the chaffs and debris that come from shelling of palm kernels. They are a good source of fertilizer used by melon and pineapple plantations. Palm Kernel Shells also gotten from cracking palm kernel, are a good source of fuel material for blacksmiths for their casts and forges, when used in small quantites. It can also be turned charcoal, but tends to have a high amount of impurities. It can also be used in making a light cement substitute material called Pozzolana.    


Now you can see that the Palm Tree does have a lot of other uses.   Although there are still questions like   How do you extract the above at a cost efficient and effective value? Who will will you sell them to?   If you would like to see answers to the above, then do stay tunes, as we will be breaking down each of the above products. We will look at how you can produce each these products by yourself in our subsequent posts.   Now if you know of any other palm products that we missed, please drop us a comment on them, and we will add it to our list of the list of palm produce above and to our future posts.

Palm Oil Business: What other products can you get from a Palm Tree

18 thoughts on “Palm Oil Business: What other products can you get from a Palm Tree

  1. Pls, i want to know the company that need palm oil, palm kernel oil, palm kernel shell and kernel nut that i can supply. i also want to know how i can get link with them. someone told me i need a proposal to present to those company,pls i need more light on this. thank

    1. Thank you sir, I have a palm trees farm in Ondo state, I want to start a small scale Palm oil and Palm kernel oil processing plant can you please send me a break down of cost of getting started.

  2. thank you very much for this tips. my name is clinton and an entrepreneur that wants to g into all that is involve in palm fruit production, i want to know the cost for the equipments that are used in the production of palm oil and other products well outlined. thank you and if there is anyway i can contact you please also put it down.

  3. Good day Mr Brian, let me start by commending you for the marvelous job you are doing, I have gone through all your posts on your website about Palm oil and palm oil products production and exportation and I found all your articules to be both enlightening and very educative, I am also currently researching about the processes involved in the exportation of Palm Karnel Oil (PKO) and having read your articules, I have two questions which I will like you to kindly oblige me there answers.
    (1). What is the current price for buying a liter of Palm kernel oil (PKO) now and how much does a liter sell abroad?
    (2) Can you kindly give me a link which can help me source for buyers of pal kernel oil (PKO) abroad because exporting out of Nigeria is my main aim.
    Thank you so much and continue your good work, I hope to meet you in person one day and possibly do business with you

    1. Good day sir Am new here & want to venture into palm but business can you pls guide me on this?

  4. thank you very much sir for your teaching about palm oil
    But i want to ask how can someone get the company to established in his place where these palm grow without owner. because in my place i have a lots of palm trees everywhere in the village where strangers come an start making use of them and i want to established this company in that place so i can get rid of these people or get them to work for me
    Please sir i need an idea on how i will go about this thanks.

  5. Good day sir. Please I would like to know the machines for milling and expressing pko in a small scale and the prices. Also how much can be used to start the business and where can I purchase the equipment.

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