Start Your Own Export Business



Everything you need to know about exportation is explained in this book.

“How to start your own export business” explains the unknowns of international exports.

It will open your eyes to opportunities you can exploit immediately.

The book is for both the would be exporter and the veteran, looking to gain understanding.

It covers a wide variety of areas, from.

How to start your own export company?

What tools you will need to get started?

Where to find buyers?

What to lookout for when contacting buyer?

How to find out if the buyer is the real buyer or a supplier?

How to spot fake or bogus requests, so as to avoid wasting resources pursuing them?

What agreements and you should be making when contacted or contacting a buyer?

What is an LC(Letter of Credit), types of LC and other required documents?

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How To Start Your Own Export Business

a. International Trade 101
b. Import/Export 101
c. World Stage: Free trade and tax exhetions
d. Tricks of the trade
e. Trade Routes and daily export operations
f. Govenments and red tapes
g. Market research
h. Pricing your product
i. Advertisement and Marketing
j. Locating International Buyers
Appendix : International Export Resources, trade leads and buyer locations

Start Your Own Export Business


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