Persuade Anybody And Get What You Pitch For




Everybody wants to be The Persuader, the one who shows up when things look hopeless (for example, when a meeting is about to go pear-shaped) and uses the power of pitching and persuasion to save the day.

The one who walks into their Managers office( even if, said manager is having one of his/her bad moods) and walks out 20 mins later with a salary increase.

The one who calls a customer( one that has been owing for close to 2 months) and ten minutes later, has the customer paying up for not just what he owes but for more products.

Convincing people to give you what you want is the art of Pitching to them, its an an art form that takes charisma and confidence, but to becme a great pitcher is based just on those

The good ones make themselves great with practice and discipline.

From Brian Tracy, Dan Kennedy to Barak Obama and even Donald Trump. All are great Pitchers and Persuaders.

So what is Pitching and why do you need it?

Think of the Pitching Power as your version of Batman’s utility belt: an arsenal of precision tools you can use to rescue a situation that’s going sideways, or get a conference room full of people cheering for you.

Become a master at pitching and you become a boss at three skills that can change your life:

1. Connecting with other people instantly.
2. Taking command of every environment.
3. Convince people to give you what you want

That is what this book is here to teach you.

How you can master the art of Persuasion and become a master pitcher, getting everything you ever wanted.

From turning a crowd of glowering strangers with their arms folded into a legion of fans ready to say yes enthusiastically to whatever you propose.

A step by Step guide that will take you from your current level to that person who get’s the job, get’s the girl(or guy), get’s better service, advance your career and do just about anything you want to do.

That’s the power you will get when you Buy and Read this book.

So what are you waiting for, Get it Now!!!

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Persuade Anybody And Get What You Pitch For


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