Palm Kernel Buyers In Nigeria Mini

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The Palm Kernel Buyers In Nigeria Mini List contains 38 companies/individuals who buy palm kernel on a regular basis.

You will have to contact them for their buying requirements and specifications.

The Palm Kernel Buyers In Nigeria is arranged as follows

  • Address
  • Phone numbers
  • Email

Only few companies on this list will ask for the following

  • Lab tests
  • Oil and Mositure content

How to use the Palm Kernel Buyers In Nigeria List

  • Call each contact for their buying price, quantity required and other specifications where needed.
  • Then source for PKN at prices that will provide you their quota, handle logistics and still provide you a tidy profit

If you want access to more Palm Kernel Buyers In Nigeria click the link to go to the full list with 22 companies

Please scroll down and read the Description below for more details



The Palm Kernel Buyers In Nigeria List contains over 38 companies and palm kernel oil mills across Nigeria.

Like the  Palm Kernel Buyers in Nigeria List that contains 67 companies, the Palm Kernel Buyers In Nigeria Mini has companies that buy between 2 and 50 tonnes of Palm Kernel Nuts a month.  

The buyers on the mini list are located concentrated around Osun, Ogun and Edo state.

The buyers in the Palm kernel buyers in Nigeria mini have the following payment terms,

  • On delivery
  • Post Dated Cheques

For post dated cheques, payments can delay for upto 2 weeks and above, this depends on the number of tonnes they are buying.

Again, key specification when making a supply to them,

“Please i take God Beg you. Don’t bring anything to my factory that has shells in it”

So when supplying PLEASE adhere to the specifications they provide.

Click the “Add to Cart Button” above and “Proceed to Checkout” to make your payment.

The Palm Kernel Buyers In Nigeria Mini List  will immediately be sent to your registered mail used during payment.

Palm Kernel Buyers In Nigeria Mini

4 reviews for Palm Kernel Buyers In Nigeria Mini

  1. Adebayo Shabi

    The information given was perfect but please how can I get company to supply pko to in around Ogun,Lagos, Ibadan ,..also with PKC that still has reasonable amount of oil content inside. Thanksgiving

    • Chijioke Ahamefula

      Hello Mr Shabi

      Thanks so much for your comment.

      Pleae check our onlie store for Palm kernel buyers in Nigeria
      it contains both palm kernel buyers and PKO buyers as well.


  2. akin

    Thanks Brian for this list, it was a Godsend for helping to start to make my supplies

  3. Asuk, Bestman Unyejit

    Hello i want to be supplying palm oil and other oil palm tree products, so i need connections to companies that needs these products around Port Harcourt and beyond.

  4. Uwanna Aniekan

    Thanks, but i notices you have a high concentration of buyers in the west and some parts of the east, do you have anyone in the core north aside from Kano and Kaduna?

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