Requirement For Exporting Agro Products from Nigeria



This guide breakdown the nitty gritty of Exportation Agro Products from Nigeria.

See it as your checklist for preparing your products and your business for export.

From what you require, to which agencies you need to register with, what documents are requires.

All the basics you need to get started planning your own export business or export consultancy.

See Table of Content Below



a. Registering with CAC
b. Registering with NEPC
c. Nepc Offices Accross Nigeria
d. Sourcing for Export products
e. List of Exportable Products
f. List of export market requirements and lab specification
g. Product packaging
h. Internaton Pricing of products
i. L/C What is it
j. Types of L/C
k. Document Collection and Collation
l. Instrument of export payment
J. Sourcing Export Buyers
H. Processes involved in sourcing buyers
i. Freight Forwarding and Shipping terms

Requirement For Exporting Agro Products from Nigeria


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