The Palm Permutation


A lot been said and done under a palm tree.

Some of us grew up around them without any knowledge of the gold mine we took for granted. You might ask, what gold mine? Oh just a N57 Billion industry that keeps waxing strong year in year out.

A business that produces things like our beloved Gbanga soup, palm oil for our others soups, palm kernel oil for our soaps and creams. And a list of other stuff. From animals feeds, to roofing materials and the latest, brake pads.

Don’t blame yourself, even I didn’t know also.

It took a crazy ass decision on my part and the massive help of an uncle, for me to give up the city life and a job as a sales executive in Standard Alliance in 2008. To head back to the village, just to understand this “Old Men’s Business” as they called it then.

And boy was it an eye opener.

In two months, i made over 3 million naira supplying palm kernel , with an initial start-up capital of N684,000. Thus how the Palm Permutations began, making me ask myself, no wonder its call “old man’s business”.

Some of you know what I am talking about. You grew up with your grandfather or aunty or uncle, who owned large expanse land with a palm plantation, as far as the eyes could see. But of late, everyone else has moved off to the big city. Once a year you head back home, only to use the trees as shade or a lovers spot.

Dude like seriously, that part of a N57 Billion business you are letting go to waste.


So what should you do?

What if I were to take by hand literally and show you what business you can do with the below mentioned palm products.

· Palm oil (Red oil)

· Palm kernel oil

From Planting, harvesting, milling and supplying of palm oil, palm kernel palm oil to markets and companies around the country from Lagos to Port harcourt.


I will show you how you can get started in these areas

· Palm oil production and supply

· Palm Kernel production and supply

· Palm kernel oil production and supply

· What to do with kernel shells and Chaff.

· How you can make money on each

· The places to go for the products

· Which times of the year is best to do business,

· Which companies to supply your product.

· Plus where to find an export market for your product.


About now you are wondering. Why in the hell would he be doing this?


The Reason Behind the Palm Permutations

My reasons, I have had a lot of calls over the years from people asking me about how I got started where I supplied to where I got my products. In each case I have given them the details without asking for a penny.

The Palm Permutations is my way of putting it all out there so people can easily get at the information they need rather than always calling me about it.

Secondly, a lot of other people tend to be cryptic, about giving information about this business. They tend to ask you to pays a sum or the other. Heck, you are eventually going to find out the truths and dark secrets of the trade once you get started, why not get to know about it earlier so one can make an informed decision.

Using the  blog of the Palm Permutations, i will be posting a list of business opportunities that palm offers. Check back here from time to time.

Plus if you have a question about an area I haven’t covered or you would wish me to cover, please drop it in the comment section below.

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If you would want our list of companies you that purchase Palm Kernel and Palm Kernel Oil.

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The Palm Permutation

45 thoughts on “The Palm Permutation

    1. Hi Chidi, sorry this took a while, iI have not been around.

      I will soon publish a list of companies that you can supply to.

      Hopefully it will help you in making a decision on where to supply.

  1. I want to start transporting palm oil from my village to lagos,I’m thinking of geting a shop and giving it a nice packaging and sell it to prospective customer!..hw do I get started .

    1. Hi Akinola, your concept is a nice one.

      First off before you start, look at the logistic cost of trying to move one drum of palm oil from your village to Lagos. Do it way all the way to finally selling it in Lagos.

      Then ask people in haulage business around your village, how much it will cost to haul load from villa to Lagos.

      If you can achieve it small then you can go big time. Because doing it small and achieving success will validated your need to do it large scale.

  2. Good day bros, am lugard by name , a graduate
    and presently I don’t work. I have always wanted
    to do agrobusiness and bumping into your recent
    pkn business was an eye opener. Sir , I need your
    help in telling me the companies I can make
    supplies to around ph axis because I am getting
    frustrated @ home already n I don’t want to
    engage in any illicit act. I want to borrow to the
    amount I have to begin. Thnks bro.

    1. Hi luguard

      I can understand where you are coming from. I have faced that myself.

      There are two companies you can supply in ph.

      One is Rivoc the other is general Agro both are at trans Amado in Port Harcourt. There are both on the same street, but you can Google their name and make a call to find out how much they buy palm kernel.

      I will update a post for a general list of companies available who you can supply.

  3. Hi,….
    Tnx for ur time in putting together these information. Really tired of applying for jobs,going for interviews and waiting for appointments that won’t come anytime soon.
    Please how do one get list of companies that buy both Kernel nut and kernel shells.
    And also if I can get more info about the oil palm business before I decide on which I can sort money for to start up with.
    Tnx once again,warm regards..

    1. Hi Eddie

      I am currently working on a post that will prove a list of companies that you can supply and how to located them.

      Please expect the post sometime next week.

  4. Gud day Sir, I hv bin waiting for d post, am so much interested to join dis biz. are there companies that export kernel shells within ph I can supply?

    1. Hi Chikezie

      I will have to verify that, as i usually buy from the mills or people who have already cracked for sale. to get the quantities you want on uncracked Palm Kernel, you might have to go to very large mills or plantations.


      1. Oooh! The thing is that I am lucky to be where we have this thing in abundance and it is being thrown away after extracting the palm oil. Though I am still a student but will want to go into this. A man which I met in an agric seminar wants me to be sourcing for it[in Abia state] and send to him in Ogun state. My challenge now is that I don’t know much about the business. I told him that I can send it uncracked cos I don’t have the money to crack it myself before sending it. He has asked me how much that I will use to sell the uncracked palm kernel to him, but I haven’t given him an answer because I don’t know how much it is per ton. I haven’t ask him to fix the prize which may result in setting a small price. This is why I want to seek your advice on this cos I want to use this as a start-up to gather experience with you as my mentor before I go into it fully.
        Thank you very much.

        1. Hi Chikezie

          You seek to be in a unique position, before you agree to send to him. check the quantity that is currently available around you in abia state, check how many tons you can get for him per week or for others per week. I will check on price for uncracked for you.


  5. Hi sir, am Victor please can you help me with some company names I cam supply palm oil in port harcourt and lagos? Thanks and God bless you for generosity.

  6. Hello Brian, great blog. Just about commencing the palm oil and palm kernel supply biz, however, I will be very grateful if you can share details of big time buyers of this products in the South South, South East and South West.

  7. Dear Sir,
    I currently have some stock of palm karnel and am in need of buyers, my farm is at Otta, Ogun state. I also need a guide on cost and some other questions

  8. Brian i have been following your thread religiously and i am so impressed. I have some questions and need your advise. i intend to start up a palm oil mill and later incorporate the palm kernel mill but i am still working on the start up capital for the equipment needed for the mill.

    However, i intend to start up by supplying the palm oil and palm kernel oil or nut first gather enough capital and build up my mill because i intend to be an entrepreneur.

    Kindly let me know if you are still interested in the 5 to 25 tons of palm kernel per week?

    Also kindly give me list of companies that are often in need of palm oil and palm kernel oil in large quantity.

    Also let me have the price that these companies buy these products/ton/bag/25 liters.

    I can be reached easily on 08126641958(watsapp).

    Hey Brian that is my son’s name and since i am so in love with palm oil/kernel venture,kindly don’t let your namesake’s dad down.. Kindly give me all the assistance to get on my feet and make brian and his siblings have a wonderful future, where they will also come to take over from me when i am gone.

    Pally kindly let me have all the guide.

    god bless.

  9. Hello Brian,

    I have read most of your posts.

    I have a lot of questions regarding palm oil business.
    Can you, kindly, mail me so that i reach you to inquire about the business

  10. Good day Mr Brain, I really appreciate your effort in bringing back our youth to self sustaining business, I just revisited my Father’s farmland last week. I found out that this palm kernel (oil) is what of venture into what are the basic requirements from the Government one needed to go into the business?

  11. palm karnel has a seed inside that is covered by shell. if am right on that then am more interestedn in that.pls how much is the price per ton in the factoy and the price we buy before getting to factory. Just want toknow howprofitable it is.

  12. Thanks for your very educative blog on palm oil production/processing. Please what can one do with kernel shells and Chaff.

    1. Quite a few things.

      From Making Black Soap to, Cement chaff combinates and finally as fuel for boilers.

      Be on the lookout for my new post on Palm kernel shell and chaff uses


  13. hi brain i have 100kg bags of cracked palm kernel for sale am in ph do you know any
    company that will be interested.thanks

  14. Hello, thanks for sharing all that you have shared. May your pockets never run dry. I was researching the internet about palm oil business when i came across your article. I am interesting in the palm oil business. I have a place i can get the palm oil in large quantities . i will appreciate if you can help me with a list of companies i can supply to. My email is and should there be any company who needs Palm oil. Pls do contact me on my email. Best Regards.

    1. Göd bless u Sir,pls can u send me d list and address of companies I can supply to. Also , I want to go into exporting , how do I go about it?
      Thanks alot.

  15. Good day Brian. You are doing a great job. I have been doing this Palm oil business in a small scale and intend to go into both palm oil and other associated areas on a larger scale (I inherited a large palm tree plantation). I will be grateful if you can give me some useful advises

    Esteemed regards.

  16. I was referred to this site yesterday and I must confess I am impressed. I did , in two instalments June 2018 and May 2019 planted my 30 acres land with oil palm siblings I bought from Presco oil.. In preparation for harvesting in the next two years, I am thinking of setting up a production mill by mid 2021. I wonder what role you can play to ensure successful take off of the mill.

Feel free to ask me any questions

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