Highlights: Palm Kernel Nut Production Training

Palm kernel nuts is a byproduct of palm oil production that has been sadly overlooked.

Usually once palm oil has been milled, the chaff and uncracked palm kernel are usually left out.


They can accumulate for days, weeks, months or years, thus why some of you find them scattered all over the place in the village.


Training details

Our Palm Kernel Nut training, focuses on showing you what you can do about it and how you can get started in the business of palm Kernel supply


Our one on one online training via zoom or WhatsApp will provide you the following information

What you need to get started in the business.

  • Funds required.
  • How to source kernel for your supply.
  • Your tools of the trade.
  • What to look out for when buying kernel.
  • How to prepare your supply.
  • How to navigate the logistics of making a supply
  • Who to make your supply to


  • We will also provide you with a list of companies and private buyers you can reach out to today to start your supply.
  • Training cost N50,000

Please click the button below to get more details on training cost and scheduling

Below are some feedback from our previous trainees

Highlights: Palm Kernel Nut Production Training

10 thoughts on “Highlights: Palm Kernel Nut Production Training

  1. I am a prospective supplier of palm kernel. How do I attended your training for the above mentioned products

  2. Good day, I am interested in this training to enable me define which area best to involve myself seeing that it is a very vast business.

    Please can I get more information on how to enroll and attend your training.


    Mr Gideon

  3. I found this to be very insightful and helpful for anyone who needs to understand how oil flows between the idea of it as a resource and its potential as export.

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