Guide to Exporting Palm Oil Palm Kernel Oil and Palm Kernel Shells from Nigeria

You might have heard that Exporting Palm Oil, Palm Kernel Oil and Palm Kernel Shells is the best type of business opportunity available to individuals who have buyers in another country.


Which is so true.

Malaysia and Indonisa are the world’s largest exporters of Oil Palm Producer, Nigeria comes in 4th place with just over 970,000 metric tons of Palm Oil alone exported in 2014 alone.


Now imagine if we threw in other Oil Palm Product like Palm Kernels Shells(PKS), Palm Kernel Oil(PKO), Palm Wine(PW) and Refined Bleached and Deodorised Palm Oil and Palm Kernel Oil, RBD-PO and RBD-PKO.

You would say, since we export over 970,000 metric tons of Palm Oil a year, with an estimated value of $1.8 Billion. That means a lot of people and big industries also exporting it.

Palm oil price

Wrong, there are very few people exporting Oil Palm Products from Nigeria.

Most people are not aware of the processes, agencies and documentations needed for exporting oil palm produce, let alone any other cash crops. Even when the find a foreign buyer for their produce, they are not aware of the necessary requirements need to ensure they don’t get duped or discouraged.

How do you go about Exporting Palm Oil and Palm Kernel Oil in Nigeria?

Before you contact a buyer and begin the export process, you need to have certain things and documentation in places. Starting with

Corporate Affairs Commission(CAC)

For Registering a business Name

This you can do at any Corporate Affairs Commission(CAC) office within your state, for further details on how to register your business name and the procedures click here

also click here for the fees

Nigerian Export Promotion Council Registration(NEPC)

The Nigerian Export Promotion Councils sole purpose is promoting Nigerian export products and ensuring proper documentation of export transactions. That’s why you need to register with them, they help you connect with buyers while also presenting your export produce in foreign trade fairs. Click here for their registration.

Once you have registered for these two agencies, it time to go after all the necessary documentations required before you can begin exporting Oil Palm.

Yes, there are actually a lot of other document required before you can even begin sourcing for a shipping company.

Why all these documentation?

Quite simply, that’s how export operate, the documentation is actually needed to protect you, your buyer and your products. They also ensure that you get your payment for your items.

Just imagine, you were to ship your produce to say Russia and when it gets there, the buyer refuses to pay for shipping(yes you can defer payment for shipping to your buyer)


The buyer collects the produce and refuses to pay for them, because you have all the necessary documentation, you are sure you will get your payments upon delivery or upfront.

What are the documents required for exporting Oil Palm?

Commercial Documents

These are documents you use in reference to the type and number of produce you are exporting, including shipping cost. Its usually sent to the buyer and a copy to the relevant exporting agencies i.e Customs

Quality Documents

This documents are issued by the Ministry of Agriculture and NAFDAC for the Buyer, it tells the shipping agency that your goods have ok to be shipped, it tells the buyer the quality of the goods he/she is getting

Shipping Documents

These are issued by the shipping company, depending on what means of transportation they use to ship the produce.

Tariffs Concession Documents

These documents are usually issued depending on the export area the country you are sending the produce to is a member of.


Finding Buyers

After all the above , you still need people in other countries to buy your products 

And its growing ever more difficult to locate companies that buy around the world.

But that should not deter you.

Fortunatelyover the years we have been contacted by some individuals and companies that are looking for exporters in Nigeria.

To connect with them please follow the link below and click on the International buyers link
Companies and individuals who buy oil palm products 


Exportation of Oil Palm produce is a target every mill, farm and supplier wants.

The documentation might seem a lot and they are not usually cheap to come by, the advantage they offer is that in the long run it helps you do business smoothly.

But there are those who still take the risk to export without documents, some even work with export agents that handle everything for them, making the export cost cheaper.

Do you want to get started in Exporting Oil Palm Products?

Guide to Exporting Palm Oil Palm Kernel Oil and Palm Kernel Shells from Nigeria

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    I request for assistance on the export of palm kernel cake, but i dnt knw how to go abt it nor have any documents to that effect. How can you assist me in achieving this.

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    Please, is it only palm oil exporting alone you deal with. and is it possible to be doing it in a small scale without all the agency because the way am looking at it wont it require a lot of money yo registered and get started

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    How do I get buyer for palm kernel oil and palm kernel cake?
    I have registered with CAC and export council.
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    Pls double check and confirm. Thanks

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    I am interested in starting but i want to be trained before going into it. I can source for the products but i want to from those in the business. Thanks

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