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The Business of Red Oil – Part 2

THE BUSINESS OF RED OIL – PART 2 Used in making great soups like, Equsi, Ogbonu, and in its raw form Gbanga. Red oil starts its journey to your plate (and to your stomach) from a humble gathering of palm fruit bunch planted, grown, harvested and milled in palm plantation ’That simple’. I am usually […]

13 Fabricators of Palm Oil Milling Machine in Nigeria

13 FABRICATOR OF PALM OIL MACHINES IN NIGERIA Long ago, there weren’t many fabricators of Palm Oil Milling Machine in Nigeria, the process of palm oil and kernel oil extractions has was a slow and tedious process. Although some millers still hang on to the old tedious ways, there are now tools and machines available […]

Palm Oil Processing: Like making Banga soup

Palm Oil Processing in Nigeria, is kinda like a big deal.   Its common to find small scale palm oil mills in most states in Nigeria, whether you come from Lagos or from the far east.   Why?   Because, Its relatively easy to setup a palm Oil Processing mill, because turning palm fruits to […]

The Big difference between Nigeria’s Palm Oil and Malaysia’s Palm Oil

Is there a big difference between Nigeria’s Palm Oil and Malaysia’s Palm Oil? They say we all see things in different lights. There is a saying here in Nigeria What might appear white to you, will be brown to a politician, grey to a lawyer and Red to a policeman, lol. This same view is […]

Growing a list of Palm Kernel suppliers and producers in Nigeria

  Trying to find a trust worth palm kernel suppliers in Nigeria is not an easy task. Most times all you have to go on is just a number. A lot of buyers have been burned by various people and claiming they can supply palm kernel at any quantity. Only to disappear once payment has […]

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