Building a list of palm oil suppliers and producers in Nigeria

Some of you might ask?

Why didn’t we just include this in the previous list request?

Because building a list of palm oil suppliers in Nigeria separate from that of Palm Oil Suppliers in Nigeria, makes things a lot more easier for the buyer and the supplier.

Thus, we are looking at building two separate lists

Both lists will work on gathering the same type of information

Name of supplier
Contact details
Customer review

Hopefully these lists will make it a lot easier for buyers to contact sellers.

Building a list of palm oil suppliers and producers in Nigeria

9 thoughts on “Building a list of palm oil suppliers and producers in Nigeria

  1. Thanks Brian Palm Permutations u are during a good work, the good Lord will reward you. Pls Sammek Marg Agro- Allied Company Ltd also supply palm oil we appreciate it if u list us among the supplier, we are located at ldiroko Ogun State but we have a small place for supply at rafco agbado crossing ogun state.

  2. Chelson Nig Ltd supplies palm oil ,we are located in Ibeju Lekki , Lekki epe express road . contact details 08033484108 ,

  3. Hello Brian Palm Permutations, we are wise global limited and we have palm fruits for sale but can’t find buyers and we currently haven’t started production of Palm oil. Can you possibly help if you have any buyer interested? Contact 08186061379. I can give more details over the phone and the quantity we want to sell is huge.
    Thank you

    1. So far I know of, the major buyers of CPO in Nigeria are the local market women across Nigeria. As I am yet to see or hear from a firm that buys CPO. If anyone knows of any, do let the rest of us know

  4. Please i want to go into palm oil sales. Buy during its peak period and sell during its off peak period. I am based in Lagos. Where can I get quality palm oil at a very good rate

Feel free to ask me any questions

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