Author : Chijioke Ahamefula

Palm Oil Processing: Like making Banga soup

Palm Oil Processing in Nigeria, is kinda like a big deal.   Its common to find small scale palm oil mills in most states in Nigeria, whether you come from Lagos or from the far east.   Why?   Because, Its relatively easy to setup a palm Oil Processing mill, because turning palm fruits to […]

Palm Kernel Supply Chain Nigeria: Current trends

The current trend of Palm Kernel Supply Chain Nigeria has seen an up tick of more people going into the Business of Palm Kernel Oil. More and more Palm kernel Oil Mills are being setup, across the country to meet the demand by various companies for it The demand for Palm Kernel Oil has gone up. […]

The Big difference between Nigeria’s Palm Oil and Malaysia’s Palm Oil

Is there a big difference between Nigeria’s Palm Oil and Malaysia’s Palm Oil? They say we all see things in different lights. There is a saying here in Nigeria What might appear white to you, will be brown to a politician, grey to a lawyer and Red to a policeman, lol. This same view is […]

Free Guide On Exporting From Nigeria

Exporting from Nigeria can quickly become a big headache for people. There are so many fees agencies and other fees. But it doesn’t have to be a headache if you know what you need to get it down. See our tip list on how you can get started exporting Oil Palm Products from Nigeria. Before […]

The Business Of Palm Kernel In Nigeria

Remember those fun time while you were growing up when you did this as a child. Back then you would spend a lot of time with friends and family back home, picking, cracking an eating the Palm Kernel nuts. In fact, till this day, you still find a lot of it at you village home […]

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