Advertise Your Business with The Palm Permutations Media Kit

Palm Permutations Media Kit

Adverting Your Business Product Or Services With Us

Quite a lot has happened since we launched the Palm Permutations in October 2015.

And its all thanks you, our Subscribers and Visitors alike, you have made the site a second home of yours for all things Palm Oil and Oil Palm Related.

You have grown us from 3 Visitors a day to over 63 visitors each day. Now we receive over 1900 visitors, new and returning each month.

I still recall the first mails we sent to under 6 people each month, now you have helped grow our mailing list to over 3739 Subscribers.

All this has given us the opportunity to provide a platform for you to showcase your own products and service on our site, blog and email list.

Whenever you want to reach the right people in the oil palm industry, from

Palm Oil Buyers

Palm Oil Suppliers

Palm Kernel Nut Buyers and Sellers

Palm Kernel Oil Buyers and Sellers.

The Palm Permutation is the right place to reach them.

To learn more about how you can showcase your products and services on our site.

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