13 Fabricators of Palm Oil Milling Machine in Nigeria


Long ago, there weren’t many fabricators of Palm Oil Milling Machine in Nigeria, the process of palm oil and kernel oil extractions has was a slow and tedious process.

Although some millers still hang on to the old tedious ways, there are now tools and machines available to make the process smooth.

This list of 13 Fabricators Palm Oil Milling Machine in Nigeria, is made to help folks see that that need a palm oil or kernel oil press, be it automatic or manual, can be fabricated at low costs here in the country. Against going for foreign imports that cost from 2 million Naira upwards.

The funny part is that these companies having been in the business of agro machine tools fabrication for quite a while.


List of Fabricators Palm Oil Milling Machine in Nigeria

1.Nigeria Machine tools
1 Taofeek Lawal street off raymond njoku street SW ikoyi,

2,Techo-quip Limited
14-16 olusola Ikare Str,Alake Bus stop, Idimu Ikotun road,Idimu lagos

3.Adrosh Engineering Services
1 Sholly Beauty St. Ewedogbon Lasu-Isheri Express way

4.B&T Ventures Nig. Ltd
Ijerusalem B/Stop, Arulogun Road Ojoo- Ibadan

5.Ese Engineering Services
34 Rd., K Close, House 6 Gowon Estate, Egbeda

6.Starron Nig. Ltd
27, Layi Oyekanmi St. Palm-Avenue, Mushin, Lagos

7.A.E.H. Technical Metal Works
Mosalasi Yidi Oba Water Works Area, Iwo Osun State

8.O Akins Gen. Co
26, Taye Odinjo Str. Kunola Egbeda Lagos

9.Techo-Quip Ltd.
14 – 16 Olusola Ikaresi, Alake Bustop, Idimu – Ikotun Rd, Idimu, Lagos.

10.Nobex Tech Ltd.
Vic- Morak Street, Nobex Bus Stop, Ikotun/Idimu Rd, Ikotun, Lagos State.

11.Akintech Eng. Com. Ltd
14 Fatai Ayolo Close, Abule Oke, Iyana Iloso B/S, Ogun State / 82 Ipaja Road, Alaguntan B/S Iyana Ipaja Lagos.

12.Octec Technologie Ltd.
196 Oshodi Apapa Expressway Ilasamaja.

13.Fabod Engineering Ltd.
Ibuloko Junction, Idi-Orogbo Area, Ota-Itele Rd, Ota, Ogun State.


14.Hicmann Investments Ltd
229 idimu-Egbeda Rd, Carwash B/Stop, Beside Tbank, Idimu, Lagos State

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There are other fabricators of palm oil milling machine in nigeria.

Some of them good, some of them not so good.

If you have used any one of them for your machine build, please let us know your experience by leaving us a comment below.

This will help others and us with a general list of who are the ones we can trust.

13 Fabricators of Palm Oil Milling Machine in Nigeria

22 thoughts on “13 Fabricators of Palm Oil Milling Machine in Nigeria

    1. Hi Abi, i want to personally go to Nifor and take a look at what they have before i add them to the list. But if you have been there and seen what they have. Please feel free to share some insights via brian. @ . the-ahamef.ulas .com (please remove the spacing and the necessary full stops, to get the correct mail).

  1. My name is Adebiyi Adeniyi,which of the listed company that fabricate PK IOL Extracting Machine can you recommend in terms of there reliability factor,Thanks.

  2. Looking at starting up a palm oil and palm kernel mill in delta state with an output of 6tonnes per day,what range should my budget be for the equipments and who is the most trusted from the list of fabricators that was dropped

    1. Hello Presh

      You will be looking at over 8 Million for the machinery that will handle that tonnage. My advise is to buy them from a trusted sources, as most of the fabricated ones are known to breakdown.

  3. I have also heard a very Good machine fabricator also at Ondo state, in akure… Kedey engineering venture….. He worked for me efficiently, you can contact him also

  4. We’re you able to get anyone cos I need a fabricator that can construct palm kernel oil machines

  5. I want to set up a medium palm oil factory in Osun State. What is the possible cost and who are the best machine fabricators to be contacted?

  6. Hello moderator,
    Please I have 20 acres of of palm oil plantations in the southwest although they are still in their First year, I am looking into producing at least 17 tonnes per harvest, please can you recommend where to get a reliable and good engineer to construct a milling machine for me.

  7. Can I get the contact phone, whatsapp and or email of the manufacturing companies? I need to contact them to enable me buy one.

  8. Please send me the phone numbers, whatsapp and email of the manufacturing companies to enable me reach them and buy one.

Feel free to ask me any questions

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