Palm Oil Machines In Nigeria

Palm Oil Production Machines and Palm Kernel Oil Production Machines

Palm Oil Production Machines Option 1:

Non Fixed/ Movable Equipment.

Palm Fruit Digester (No Engine Attached) 100kg capacity

Palm Fruit Digester (No Engine Attached) 50kg capacity

Palm Oil Press 50kg capacity

Palm Kernel Cracker

1.5HP Engine


3HP Engine

3HP lister Engine

5HP Lister Engine

Break Down Summary:

The Drum of the 100Kg capacity digester can take up to 100kg or one 80kg bag of Palm Fruits.

Depending on the Engine capacity, it can take 20-30mins to digest the fruit.

That means a 5HP engine will digest faster than a 1.5 HP Honda GK 200 Engine.

Maximum tonnage per day 2.

Palm Oil Production Option 2:

Fixed Location and Factory Facilities Required

Mechanical bunch stripper with 5H.P. diesel engine

Palm oil clarifier bio-fuel fired


Palm oil digester with 8H.P. lister type water- cooled diesel engine

Palm Oil press with 30 tons Hydraulic Jack

Palm kernel fibre nut separator powered by 165 diesel engine
Break Down Summary:

Due to Volume size, these machines require a fixed and purpose built facility, with labour that will require training.

Maximium Tonnage per day 5 tons

Palm Kernel oil and Cake Expeller

Fixed Location and Factory Facilities Required

3ton\day palm oil & Cake expeller with 40H.P. 3 phase electric motor with one extra worm

Mild steel batch dryer bio- waste fired and powered by 3.5hp petrol engine(4ft x 8ft)

Palm kernel cracker and palm kernel separator powered by robin petrol engine

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