A lot been said and done under a palm tree. Some of us grew up around them without any knowledge of the gold mine we took for granted.

You might ask, what gold mine?

Oh just a N57 Billion industry that keeps waxing strong year in year out.

A business that produces things like our beloved Gbanga soup, palm oil for our others soups, palm kernel oil for our soaps and creams.

And a list of other stuff.

From animals feeds, to roofing materials and the latest, brake pads.

Don’t blame yourself, even i didn’t know.

It took a crazy ass decision on my part and the massive help of an uncle, for me to give up the city life and a job as a sales executive in Standard Alliance in 2008.

To head back to the village, just to understand this “Old Men’s Business” as they called it then.

And boy was it an eye opener. In two months, i made over 3 million naira supplying palm kernel, with an initial start-up capital of N684,000.

There I was thinking to myself, no wonder its call “old man’s business”. Some of you know what I am talking about. You grew up with your grandfather or aunt or uncle, who owned large expanse land with a palm plantation, as far as the eyes could see.

But of late, everyone else has moved off to the big city. Once a year you head back home, only to use the trees as shade or a lovers spot.

Dude like seriously, that part of a N57 Billion business you are letting go to waste.

So what should you do?

What if I were to take by hand literally and show you what business you can do with the below mentioned palm products.

Palm oil (Red oil)

Palm kernel oil

From Planting, harvesting, milling and supplying of palm oil, palm kernel palm oil to markets and companies around the country from Lagos to Port Harcourt.

I will show you how you can get started in these areas

Palm oil production and supply

Palm Kernel production and supply

Palm kernel oil production and supply

What to do with kernel shells and Chaff.

How you can make money on each

The places to go for the products

Which times of the year is best to do business,

Which companies to supply your product.

Plus where to find an export market for your product.

About now you are wondering.

Why in the hell would he be doing this?

Obviously there is a catch.

I have had a lot of calls over the years from people asking me about how I got started, where I supplied to and where I got my products.

In each case I have given them the details without asking for a penny.

This is my way of putting it all out there so people can easily get at the information they need rather than always calling me about it.

Secondly, a lot of other people tend to be cryptic, about giving information about this business.

They tend to ask you to pays a sum or the other.

Heck, you are eventually going to find out the truths and dark secrets of the trade once you get started, why not get to know about it earlier so one can make an informed decision.



Brian is an oil palm consultant, who has seen most of the ups and downs of the business of oil palm production. The palm permutation blog is his means to point out those ups and downs, that nobody will tell you about when you get started. He an avid researcher and business developer. One who believes in the belief of sharing his researched information "So that you can make an informed decision"

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Wanna Make Money Selling Palm Oil?
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